Can you go 15 minutes tech free?


Think technology is taking over your life? You're not alone!

New research by Ipsos Mori shows over half (52%) of people surveyed who use a smartphone agree that they'd benefit from taking a break. Nearly half (46%) have checked their smartphones during dinner with family and friends or snuck to the toilet with their smartphones (45%), and 1 in 5 who are in a relationship (20%) sneak a peak at their mobiles under the duvet1
A new campaign by our partner Cyber Aware to encourage people to take a #techfree15 minutes to install their software and app updates launched this week. Cyber Aware is the Government's campaign which encourages individuals and small businesses to adopt a set of simple, secure online behaviours which are informed by the latest expertise from the National Cyber Security Centre and will help protect them from cyber criminals. With software and app updates usually taking no more than 15 minutes and providing vital security updates which protect your devices from hackers and viruses, the Cyber Aware campaign and Neighbourhood Watch are encouraging supporters to use that time to take a break from their technology while ensuring you are protected from the latest cyber threats.

The two most important things you can do are:

1. Install the latest software and app updates. They contain vital security updates which help protect your device from viruses and

2. Use a strong, separate password for your email account Having strong and separate passwords for your most important accounts – including your email - means that if hackers steal your password for one of your less important accounts, they can't use it to access your most crucial accounts. A good way to create
a strong and memorable password is to use three random words, which are memorable to you, but not easy for others to guess. Other top tips include:
• Secure your tablet or smartphone with a screen lock
• Always back-up your most important data
• Don't use public Wi-Fi to transfer sensitive information such as card details
• Beware of fake websites
• Use two-factor authentication for your most important accounts
• Go to to find out more or join the conversation @cyberawaregov

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Monday, 24 September 2018
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