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The Goon Show

 New Alexandra Theatre, Suffolk Queensway, Birmingham, B5 4DS, England, West Midlands New Alexandra Theatre, Suffolk Queensway, Birmingham, B5 4DS, England, West Midlands
Price: £ 19.40
Type: Entertainment
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 0844 871 7615
Event Dates
18 September 2018 , 19:30

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 Suffolk Street Queensway, Birmingham B5 4DS, England, West Midlands
0844 871 3011   
From the producers of the critically acclaimed 50th Anniversary Tour of Round the Horne comes another radio comedy classic live on stage.

In 1951 the landscape of British comedy changed dramatically when The Goon Show burst onto the airwaves of the BBC Home Service. Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe and co. brought a brand of surreal chaotic humour, unlike anything that had been heard before and revolutionised the way radio comedy was produced.

With its bizarre characters, fantastical plots and hilarious running jokes, The Goon Show captured the imagination of the British public and made household names of its three main stars, all of whom would go on to achieve fame across the globe. The show’s influence is still felt today with comedians like Eddie Izzard citing the show as a major influence.

Apollo Theatre Company and Spike Milligan Productions are proud to team up to bring this timeless comedy classic to the stage for the first major theatrical production in the show’s illustrious 65-year history.

Reviews of Round the Horne:

‘A superb evening’s entertainment and I left the theatre wanting more.’
Robin Strapp - British Theatre Guide

‘I laughed so much… I was in danger of being led out of the theatre.’
Linda Kirkman - Scene One



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